Social Media


If you were unaware, I have several social media accounts that you could find me on.

First is Instagram. I'm very busy over there posting. You can see progress on what I'm knitting on using my yarns or what colorways might be coming to the shop. You can follow me over there @sewlivi_dyes_yarn

Next is Youtube. I post a video almost every week showing my progress on any knitting I'm working on and occasionally shop updates and other things in my life. All videos are linked here

Also, Facebook. This one is linked to my Instagram so it's mostly just repeating from there. But it's good to have incase someone isn't on Instagram. My page is Sewlivi Dyes Yarn.

Don't forget Ravelry. I make sure to list all my knitting projects there. My username is Sewlivi.

Lastly, Buy Me a Coffee. This is just a place you can leave me a tip or show support if you don't really want to buy my yarn. Thank you for all of your support.